What is Whiteboard?

what is whiteboard

Online whiteboard speed draw video animation is an innovative, creative way to engage potential customers.Whiteboard video reaches customers in a new way, allowing them to see an image in progress and learn about your idea or business simultaneously. Whiteboard videos are an informal and strangely captivating way of explaining concepts or systems. Simply put, a whiteboard video consists of nothing more than a person standing in front of a whiteboard and sketching a visualization of what he or she is trying to explain, without the help of expensive animation or CGI.

You’ve probably seen several variations online or on TV.Whiteboard videos are one of the newest and most interesting types of animation that is being used as an advertising and marketing tool. Drawing images, data or other information on a whiteboard is a highly captivating way of sharing information and relaying a message. Whiteboard Videos are sales videos using hand-drawn images with the purpose of communicating your sales message in a fun and creative way.

With Whiteboard Sales Videos you can clearly communicate your message and increase your conversions while being creative and eye-catching. Instantly Catch and Hold your Audience’s attention with your own high conversion Whiteboard Sales Videos that people love. Whiteboard Videos are perfect for Optin Squeeze Pages, Affiliate Landing Pages, and even Video Sales Pages. Big companies and small companies alike are utilizing the power of Whiteboard Videos…so why shouldn’t you?


Why Choose Us?

We have vast experience in the creation of whiteboard animation videos for upcoming businesses and we always make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the results they get. All you need to do is take a lot at our customer feedback and you will know exactly what kind of results you can expect. Everything about our process supports the delivery of a message in a way that stimulates the viewer.

We’ve iterated and innovated our tools to move messages and today, your company and your messages can benefit from our unmatched whiteboard storytelling experience. Our creative process is transparent.We believe in providing open and honest communication with our clients so that everyone is on the same page. Our Creative Process is pretty straight forward and simple. We do all of the work for you so that all you have to do is sit back and wait for your video to be produced by one of our professionals.

One of our customer service professionals will walk you through the process and keep you updated on all facets of the creation process. At Perfect Video Services, we specialize in creating high quality animations at affordable costs. We produced whiteboard videos for both global corporations such as Ernst & Young as well as creating innovative animation for up and coming independent businesses.

why choose us


What you will get?

what is whiteboard




quote Huge amout of attractive drawings and animations.
quote Best quality whiteboard video animation.
quote Inspiring background music.
quote Fwaless voiceover recording.
quote Top notch voiceover syncing.
quote 24/7 Support and Help.
quote High quality images.
quote Render in HD.





quote Up-to-date methods so you can always fell safe with your orders.
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Our Focus?

what is whiteboard